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Welcome to Tea Inc.

In an alternative universe cakes have no calories, Bowie and Prince are still alive, the Smiths have reformed, Corona is just a beer again, all tea is loose and everyone is happy.  Until then, we have Tea Inc... A family owned independent business, challenging the traditionally stuffy, chintzy tearoom, we hope to create something different to anyone else, a friendly, eclectic environment where people share our passion for the beautiful world of loose leaf tea.  And not a doily or a teabag in sight...

Good times are incoming. Here's to the hope of an incredible season of love...and tea.

Stay loose, stay lovely. 

Alan & Ramona 

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A miracle in a glass bottle?!

The ecuation is simple. Tea + water + sugar + SCOBY = Kombucha.If you’ve been side-eyeing that strange drink which appeared recently in your local supermarket aisle, you are not alone  

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