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Black Teas

Black Teas – tall, dark, handsome

Assam Single Estate Mangalam SFTGFOP1  £3.20

Prime quality tea from the famed Mangalam gardens. Our Assam Mangalam is a carefully processed tea with large leaves and lots of golden tips. Deliciously malty and rich, it is an absolute highlight in every Assam collection.  Great with a dash of milk or on its own.

Assam Single Estate Harmutty STGFOP1    £2.80

A tea with pretty, regular, dark leaf with many golden-brown tips. The taste is full, very balanced, with moderately spicy and malty character. Deep copper colour. Great with milk.

Ceylon Single Estate: Kenilworth OP £2.80 / Decaffeinated Ceylon  £2.80

The best-known teas from Sri Lanka (still called Ceylon in tea circles). This region is regarded as the cradle of the finest Ceylon teas. Black pine-needle shaped leaves, full bodied in taste.

Nilgiri Single Estate: Thiashola TGFOP1 (organic)  £2.80

Single estate black tea from the “Blue Mountains” of South India. Fresh, good bodied tea, lovely copper red liquor with a scent of fresh flowers. It stands up well to the addition of milk. 

Darjeeling Single Estate: Ambootia 2nd flush (organic)    £3.20

“The champagne of teas”, a great Second Flush tea from the renowned Ambootia estate in India. Nicely flowery–grassy with a truly well balanced body. Best drank on its own.

Tea Inc. House Blend     £2.60

Our own mix of black teas from Assam (India) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka), hand blended by us.

This classic and robust breakfast blend has a medium strength and goes well with milk.

House Blend Super-Strength   £2.80

For the tea drinkers who don’t think our Tea Inc. blend is strong enough and are only satisfied with malty, rich notes, we offer this full bodied East Frisian blend, of Assam and Sumatran Tea.

Earl Grey Premium Classic  £2.80

Delightfully smooth and aromatic, this is the perfect tea for relaxing in the afternoon.

Lady Grey   £2.80

A lighter, fresher version of the famous Earl…Lady Grey is Earl Grey's elegant cousin. Her tea has the same light and delicate taste of bergamot, but with added hints of oranges and lemons.

Earl Grey with Rose Petals // Organic Lavender Earl Grey // Earl Grey with Orange £2.80

Lapsang Souchong £2.80

Chinese Souchong black tea smoked over pine fires. This is the smoky one. Not for the feint hearted but a delight for those with a penchant for zingy woodiness. At its liveliest without milk.

Russian Caravan   £2.80

A blend of Assam with a hint of Lapsang Souchong hence the lightly smoky taste. The name originates from the 18th century tea trade where camel caravans were used to transport tea leaves from Asia, through Russia into Europe.

Keemun Luxus Congou - China £3.00 

Keemun black tea is one of China’s most famous teas, known for their aromatic fragrance, mellow flavor as well as the brilliant red liquor the brewed tea leaves produce.  It's a tea that works well with milk, but this can suppress some of the flavours so give it a taste, without and with milk.

Marzipan Tea   £2.80

A strong black tea from Ceylon with the beautiful, intense marzipan taste of sweet, crisp roasted almonds...perfect with or without milk and a treat not only for marzipan fans!

Winter Delight  £2.80

An exotic blend of ginger, apple, cinnamon and warming oriental spices built on a base of quality black tea. Wonderful with milk and honey.

Chocolate Chip Tea  £2.80

Ceylon black tea + dark chocolate chips = you may think you're eating a bag of cookies!

The Ginnel Special Blend £3.00

A blend of Assam and Lemon tea on a base of Earl Grey with Rose Petals to which we added just a dash of Lapsang Souchong. A charming and slightly mysterious blend…a bit like our Ginnel!

Vanilla Classic  £2.60

Another dark Ceylon Tea with vanilla pieces to give hint of sweetness.

Fruity Black Teas £2.80 choose from:

  • Lemon
  • Passionfruit
  • Blood Orange & Mango
  • Wild Cherry & Vanilla
  • Coconut

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