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Green Teas

Grean Teas – light, bright, beautiful

China Sencha Green (organic)  £2.80

Sencha means steamed tea Sen = steam, Cha = tea. Long, grass-green leaves folded lengthwise make a clean cup with notes of freshly steamed edamame, a pleasure for all Sencha enthusiasts!

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls (rarity)  £3.40

Hand-rolled tea, each pearl is just one leaf and a bud. When added to hot water they unfurl releasing a delicate scent and flavor.

China Jasmine Chung Feng (organic)  £3.00

Scented with aroma from jasmine blossoms which are added during the drying period and removed later after the leaves have absorbed the jasmine scent. Exclusively reserved for the Imperial Court in former times.  

Japan Gyokuro Asahi  (rarity)   £3.40

The highest grade of green tea grown under bamboo shades for 3 weeks. This decreases the bitterness and gives off a noble, strong flavor, with a hint of sweetness. "Gyokuro" translates as “jade dew", referring to the emerald colour of the infusion.

Gunpowder Green    £2.80

As the name implies, Gunpowder tea is made up of leaves hand-rolled into tiny pellets. These resemble gunpowder, and give this tea its distinct name. Smooth with a hint of smokiness.

Moroccan Mint     £2.80

The famous, classic blend of Gunpowder Green Tea and refreshing Spearmint. Rock the Casbah…

Ginseng Green   £2.80

Fresh green tea with the energizing flavor of ginseng. Earthy green aroma, delicate & herby.

Organic Matcha £3.50 

Finely milled powder made from the highest quality ceremonial Japanese Gyokuro tea leaves – prepared as tradition requires it, whisked and brought to you in a matcha bowl.

Flowering Tea   £3.20 per pearl

Green tea expertly sewn & hand-crafted together - when steeped in hot water they blossom into spectacular flower shapes. Blooming marvelous! Ask us about the choice of flavours available.

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