I have been experimenting for a while now creating batch after batch of white chocolate matcha truffles (and eating them of course, tough job but somebody had to do it) and here you could see the latest results...coated in raw cocoa powder for a double hit of chocolate indulgence! For our small but perfectly formed vegan colleagues and customers, yes the truffles can be easily veganised by creating your own vegan white chocolate (soy milk powder, cocoa butter, vanilla extract and icing sugar - but do check this is suitable for vegans first).

Matcha green tea powder has been taking the world by storm (did you know you could even get Matcha Kit Kat bars?!) although somehow we in UK were a bit slow to embrace it. Admitedly, not everybody is a fan of the slightly bitter, grassy taste, to drink it in its pure form as a tea. If you are not a fan yourself but would like to try it anyway, just get a small quantity (a little goes a long way) of culinary grade matcha which is a lot more affordable than the ceremonial grade one and experiment: add it to smoothies, breakfast milk of any kind, creams, the possibilities are endless. Be aware though as matcha does not technically "dissolve" but rather "suspends" in liquid. A bowl and a traditional bamboo whisk would help with the foaming process, then either drink the concoction or add it to the various foods as above. For more information pop into Tea Inc. as we can advise you or answer any questions - and you never know, we may even have some free goodies to sample!