We were surprised ourselves by the popularity of our 3 brand shiny new teas - 3 traditional Ayurvedic herbal tea blends. It could be their lovely refreshing taste or the fact that they are caffeine-free, anyway the Vata, Pitta and Kapha blends will keep the body in balance and harmony. Can safely be taken during meals, between meals, or any time of the day (yoga class optional!)

Vata Tea •Liquorice root  •Cinnamon •Ginger •Cloves •Fennel - Drink when feeling restless or ungrounded. Promotes feelings of: calmness, relaxation and balance.

Pitta Tea •Liquorice root  •Roses •Fennel •Cardamom •Ginger - Drink when feeling overheated, angry and frustrated. Promotes clear thinking, balanced emotions, and digestive bliss.

Kapha Tea •Ginger •Licorice •Cinnamom •Cloves •Black Pepper •Cardamom - Drink when feeling sluggish, depressed, or when metabolism is slow. Promotes an ideal weight, feeling energetic, and an optimistic outlook.