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White Teas

White Teas – delicate, subtle, graceful

China Silver Needle £3.40

Only the budding leaf is plucked for this exquisite quality tea, which is then slowly dried by the sun and in the air. Platinum-coloured liquor with delicate honeysuckle floral sweetness.

White tea with Pomegranate £3.00

Natural, fresh and slightly sweet. Pomegranate fruit is a delightful match for our fine China white tea. Until this day the pomegranate is considered a symbol of immortality and sensibility.

White tea “First Love” with Jasmine and Rose petals £3.00

A special white tea that's lovely to look at and lovely to drink. Rose petals, jasmine flowers and white tea are expertly cast together to create this beautiful smooth & fragrant tea.

White Monkey £3.00

According to legend, this tea was picked by specially trained monkeys (we’re not sure about that). It is also named for the shape of the leaves which are hand-rolled to resemble a white-haired monkey's paw. White Monkey is a very special tea that is a favourite amongst connoisseurs for its light, sweet character and distinctive flavour. An interesting fact about this tea is that although its name, downy white appearance, colour and light taste are entirely of a white tea, it is also referred to as a green tea due its method of processing – lightly steamed and dried. What do you think?!

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