Here we go again, we are sorry we are now CLOSED and bracing ourselves for Lockdown 2.0

Until we (hopefully) reopen safely at the beginning of December we are hanging out on social media where we'll be winging a lot but also trying to cheer you (and ourselves) up and in our online eShoppe which is HERE.

Aaaand something new: we've launched a Click & Collect thingy service, oh yes we did because we don't want you to miss out having our delish scones - even though you'd have to collect them and arrange them prettily on a plate yourselves :-) So for a Click & Collect Cream Tea for Two HERE 

If you have any queries, questions, would like to order a customised blend, a personalised label, or need help with anything, from choosing a specific tea to finding the right brewing method that works for you, contact us! we're on Instagram (follow us!) Facebook (like us!) or email us on

Oh and don't forget whilst you're on the eShoppe putting items in your basket you could add a small donation to Wild at Heart Foundation. Because every time we spend money we're casting a vote for the kind of world we want...


Thank you, you are all TEArrifc! Hope to see you all in person again in December, 

Alan, Ramona & the TEAm