We are so happy to let you know that after 104 days of lockdown we are opening our doors for the first time! 

Our Devizes Shoppe will be opening on Saturday 4th July and Marlborough on Monday 6th July.

There will be reduced hours to start with, and lots of new rules for the safety of our TEAm and customers.

Please note due to the size of our kitchens and other logistic reasons (we also don’t like food waste!) we will not be serving any lunches or Afternoon Teas for the time being. This is only for a couple of weeks while we observe how things go. We still serve our usual homemade cakes, scones, cream teas and ploughmans alongside our delicious loose leaf teas and coffees. 

Please be patient and kind as this is new to us too! 

If you have any questions please contact us by email on info@teainc.co.uk or call / text Alan on 07967656169.

If you want to buy loose leaf tea you could visit our Retail Shops as usual or do it online - visit our eShoppe HERE.


Thank you, you are all TEArrifc! Hope to see you all in person soon, 

Alan, Ramona & the TEAm