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Should you venture from the beaten track you'll find the first Tea Inc. tucked away in a quiet alley called The Ginnel in the beautiful market town of Devizes. There, in a slightly crooked old building, we opened our doors in December 2014 and have created a "home from home" for tea lovers, a doily-free, non-stuffy, quirky environment we are proud of (and slightly in love with!). 

We have over 80 loose leaf teas and the list is growing, so visit us if you want to look beyond the teabag and (re)discover loose leaf tea, which is a thing of beauty when properly prepared and served with a smile and a little geekiness. And if you’re not into tea (yet) we have delicious coffee too. So do visit us at our Shoppe if you want to look beyond the teabag and to (re)discover loose leaf tea, which is a thing of beauty when properly prepared (and served with a smile). And yes, tea can be cool too!

We also have cakes and scones which complement beautifully all our teas and are freshly baked by our "Cake Fairy" Louise or if you're peckish our homemade light lunches are prepared by us in our pocket-size kitchen.

Yes, everything is spatially-challenged / diminutive / cosy but we learned to adapt and to use every little nook and cranny and to work with the little quirks of such an old and characterful building.

Come with your family or friends, with your doggo or just come alone and if you want a chat we are a friendly bunch or equally if you want solitude then you could have just that. And yes we do know your name and your drink! 

All teas, coffees, tea gifts and beautiful teaware can be bought from our Gift Shop upstairs so it’s worth exploring and having a browse. But if you cannot visit us in person please visit our online eShoppe and check out everything we have to offer here

While Alan & I share our time between the two shops, meet the amazing humans who work alongside us in the Devizes Shoppe  

Elaina - Nellie to our regular customers :-)

Elaina - Nellie to our regular customers :-)

We couldn't be happier to introduce Elaina, who owns our pocket-sized kitchen in Devizes on the days when I’m allowed out. She loves and is passionate about cooking and she makes a mean flat white (it's called a "Nellie coffee" if you really want to know). Nellie loves her family and they often visit her for a cuppa and scones. Her favourite tea is White tea and pomegranate! Also Nellie has mastered the ancient art of Matcha whisking and enjoyed filming the whole process for our website eShoppe...several times!

Alex Scott

Meet Alex. Or Scottie. Or you probably know him as the guy that's permanently polite, smiling, saying something clever about tea, or suggesting new and daring tea blends. We know him as the guy that's turning up for work an hour early when he's working and just turning up for tea as a customer when he's not :-) He is a huge fan of Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons. He is probably the only person on the planet to have tried all the teas on our menu. Twice. He makes our happy little TEAm complete, he is our very own tea geek and we can only hope he'll never ever change! Favourite tea? Earl Grey, of course. Hot. Make it so ;-)