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Marlborough Lunch Menu - VIEW HERE we are now CLOSED but we are OPEN for CLICK & COLLECT loose leaf teas, teaware and cream teas on Wednesdays 14 - 16 and Sundays 14 - 16

Please note social-distancing and other safety measures are in place, we rely on your cooperation and support in order to make everyone's visit as safe and enjoyable as possible. Yes it feels a little weird at the beginning but we're starting to get used to it - we think we can do it :-) 

How it all started....After working hard for nearly 5 years to make Tea Inc. a popular neighbourhood Tea Shoppe serving the caffeine needs of small but perfectly formed market town of Devizes, we have found again a beautiful, slightly crooked old building in beautiful Marlborough…and we thought “How about it?!” 

So we proudly launched our Marlborough branch which opened in October 2019 and is fast becoming a fun, integral part of the community and a tea lovers haven, just like its sister shoppe in Devizes (only bigger!) 

Do you want to meet the MARLBOROUGH TEAm? As Alan and myself are dividing our time between the two locations, these are the frankly marvelous human beings helping us in the Marlborough Shoppe. 

EMMA - As part of our Marlborough TEAm, Emma is helping us make the second Tea Inc. location a little pocket of happiness for our customers. She is an avid book reader and keen supporter of local bookshops and eco-shops. Her dedication to a spotless kitchen and tidy environment is already legendary and we love her for it ;-) Although a coffee drinker, Emma thoroughly enjoys discovering all the teas on the menu and we all admire her enthusiasm for getting to know more about them. Her greatest challenge is striving to perfect her latte art skills - join the club! Favourite tea she enjoys at home too, our Hope & Glory blend, served in beautiful china, of course...