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About us

We are a family owned Tea House and you’ll find us tucked away in a quiet alley called The Ginnel in the small but perfectly formed market town of Devizes. Our 300-year old building was fully restored by practical tea lover Alan with (occasional) help from coffee loving Ramona. A challenge to the traditional tea room, we have created a non-stuffy, eclectic, exciting environment designed to encourage people to share our passion for the world of tea and also offering only products we are proud of, and service we would like to receive ourselves. This is our opportunity to invite you into our "Little Shoppe" to try our fine teas, speciality coffee or homemade light lunches, cakes and scones - come with your family or friends, with your dog or just come alone for some solitude or a chat, we know your name and your drink! If we cannot tempt you to visit us in person please visit our online Tea House and check out our teas, coffees and beautiful teaware.   

We love what we do and we hope you'll love it too. You are welcome, Alan & Ramona Richards.

Meet the team

Alan Richards

Alan Richards

Co-Owner & Tea-Guru (a.k.a. The Boss a.k.a. The Earl to Ramona's Grey)

Food technologist Alan had his dream of owning a quirky Tea House when we first stumbled upon one in snowy, dark Bratislava in 2006. It took 8 more years “brewing” the idea but it finally happened and he never looked back! Fact: he is responsible for eating all the Tunnocks teacakes used to wrap up the famous Tunnocks chair in the shop. Favorite tea: all good oolongs. 

Boris (a.k.a. The Cute One a.k.a. The Silent Partner)

Boris (a.k.a. The Cute One a.k.a. The Silent Partner)

Although he is not allowed in the shop much due to the fact that his tail would clear the tables instantly, he is a truly Tea Dog as he loves any black tea as long as it contains milk in it… Alan plans to graduate him onto Pu-Erh next. Favourite tea: builders! It’s thanks to Boris and his brother Tyson that Tea Inc. is a dog-friendly place as Ramona & Alan have experienced first hand what it means to be turned away from business premises because dogs are not allowed in. 


Alex has been with us from the very beginning, when the shop as you know it was just a pile of rubble and dust… therefore she is our one and only, original Tea Girl and she truly puts the TEA in TEAm! She loves animals even more than chocolate, collects art and is adored by all our customers. Her favourite tea is Earl Grey with Orange. Without milk, as she is Vegan! With a slice of our Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake.

Charlie (Honorary TEAm Member)

Charlie used to be our Saturday girl but she had to leave us and go to University, which is not an  excuse, really... However we're not going to take her picture down, this way she is still with us, with her questionable hair colours (her words, not ours!) and amazing wit. We all miss you girl, London is lucky to have you :-)

Ramona (the other co-owner)

A.k.a. "queen of cuisine" (natch). Happiest in the kitchen but she ventures outside from time to time. Have you seen the sign on the kitchen door “BEWARE OF THE CHEF”? Yes, it was made especially for her. Ramona is addicted to the warm scones fresh out of the oven which Louise The Cake Fairy makes and loves it when others make her her favourite coffee (one shot flat white, FYI), in a cup with a saucer. And yes, coffee and scones = a great combination too!

Elaina - Nellie to our regular customers :-)

elaina tea inc.

We couldn't be happier to introduce Elaina, who owns our pocket-sized kitchen on the days when Ramona is allowed out. She loves and is passionate about cooking, she makes great coffee (complete with latte art!) and she is now discovering the wonderful world of tea one cup at the time. Oh, and of course she too is a lot tidier than Ramona... Do come and say hello!

Freya - Front of House new superstar

Statistically speaking the arrival of Freya means that our fabulously gender imbalanced TEAm is now 90% women (sorry Alan). But beyond statistics and figures the arrival of Freya means we now have another TEArrific girl joining us in the quest of providing the best experience to our customers. With a love of travelling to wild, exotic places and a love for all herbal teas, we have a feeling Fab Freya will fit right in!